Benefit Brokers

Set your brokerage apart by providing the solution of “Housing as a Benefit” to your customers. By partnering with Annum you can offer your customers cost-effective, easily administered, tech-enabled, turn-key housing solutions that fit all types of employees.

Employers spend $530K on average on natural attrition costs per year.

Bring on HaaB to start driving those costs down! Partnering with Annum can be a game-changer for your clients, giving them a competitive edge by offering a unique benefit that helps employees feel secure and supported. Don't wait for the housing crisis to worsen; be the first to provide a solution to your clients.

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of renters are late
on their rent
of those renters will be evicted
in next two months

Benefit Brokers

Annum is a platform that provides real estate partners with sell-side and buy-side representation, deal structuring and planning, and strategic support. With Annum, you'll have access to companies, partnerships, and a clear exit strategy, enabling you to achieve your business goals and move on to your next opportunity with confidence.

Secure Your Clients' Workforce

Late rent payments and evictions can impact renters' lives and their ability to work. As a benefit broker, offer Annum's affordable housing solutions to your clients to solve this issue and save them money. Annum has a proven track record of working with benefit brokers and can help you represent your clients better. By partnering with Annum, you can offer a unique benefit that helps employees feel secure and supported.