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We exist to empower community through the provision of premium housing for the world's most innovative companies.

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Welcome to the Annumverse, housing as a benefit, is the here.

Technical expertise

With competencies in real estate, HR, and technology we have produced a product that will support new and tenured employees alike.

365 support

We get it, housing can be tough. That's why we're here when you need us. We'll deal with the housing, you have a business to run.

Market makers

You don't want to be real estate dealers, and you don't have to. Our innovative product provides your company with premium access at value pricing.

Creating equity through scale

Through Annum, you can address as much of your workforce as you wish. Allow us to show you the ways housing as a benefit can ignite your workforce.

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From our CEO

Today’s paradigm requires businesses to overcome a variety of obstacles. The biggest - maintaining a labor force. As cost of living rises, undue pressure mounts on employees, causing them to make tradeoffs to keep afloat. Those tradeoffs often negatively impact productivity and the employer. At Annum we believe that housing is the fulcrum asset of life – the asset that when removed, everything collapses. Housing is the largest contributor to ‘living expenses’ and we understand that Employers are not positioned to address this concern effectively, so we do it.

Annum’s platform allows companies to address housing needs for their workforce, through housing as a benefit (Haab). With an experience similar to that of healthcare, Annum empowers Employers to provide an essential benefit in a simple, affordable and handsfree way. The challenges today are numerous, but with Annum, housing for your workforce doesn’t have to be one of them. We welcome you to join our group of partners making Haab a reality!

Jerryck Murrey | CEO | Bend the Universe

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got the answers

So how does Annum actually work?

Annum provides housing as a benefit to support your workforce needs. Similar to how businesses access healthcare benefits through primary networks, wrap policies and self-insured plans, Annum allows your employees to access to housing through our 'care network'. Our flexible and scalable model can work with your business to address Haab in cost efficient ways.

What if we provide housing stipends?

Good on you and don’t stop! Our platform can super charge your stipend to ensure it goes further!

What if we own housing already? 

Being a landlord can be tough, but owned assets are a breeze for us.  We incorporate your current assets into our network to support the day-to-day logistics as well as solve for expansion or reduction of use – simple, painless.

Why can't we just pay more?

Don’t let us stop you, You can! However, we understand that paying infinitely more is often not an option, and tends to drive housing costs higher. With Annum we can augment your compensation package, mitigating massive payroll explosion.

What if there's a severance?

Let’s face it, severances happen. However with Annum’s scalable approach, should an employee lose their job, they won’t have to fear losing their shelter.


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