Give your employees an essential benefit, managed through easy-to-use software that integrates with your existing HR system.

why choose Annum?

Housing is your edge.

Employee compensation is completely centered on the cost of living. The biggest input to that cost is Housing... by far. Differentiate from competitors by supporting your employees where they need it most.

of renters are late on their rent
of those renters will be evicted
in next two months

Employees can select from a list of curated housing in the market of their choice. From there, employees will coordinate directly with Annum to ensure a smooth process to occupancy. Once housed, the Annum app continues to support the living experience; such as overseeing tenant grievances, managing tenant landlord relations and handling payments transfer.

Annum Rental Benefits allows businesses to house a massive number of employees in a flexible and scalable way. From new hires to tenured personnel, Annum services can address an array of housing needs that currently challenge your workforce.

Many businesses want the opportunity to allow their workforce to see a long-term future with them. Through our Employee Homeownership Benefits, businesses can do just that.  

This product provides autonomy to your employees, allowing them to select the benefit program that works for them and their situation. Structured and deployed on your behalf by Annum, you can easily support your workforce empowering them to control their piece of the American Dream - homeownership.

The current state
of ‘work’

The Office Dilemma

Long-term and expensive office leases (now empty), have forced businesses to realize they had over-invested in offices - spending the past two decades trying to make offices more like home! Meanwhile, housing is the primary threat to your workforce. It's time to rethink the office and transform your corporate lease exposure into housing benefits that matter.

Benefits Antiquation

Technology is the biggest competitor to your benefit offerings; be it carpooling, food delivery, or even telehealth. Today your benefits have to impact your employees where is counts. Annum’s housing as a benefit (Haab) approach will bolster your current offerings and possibly remove the need of others. Let’s discuss how Annum can optimize your benefit plans.

Annum and the Future of Work

Though the ‘how’ and ‘where’ of work has dramatically changed (and will continue) the core needs of the workforce have stayed the same. Annum is here to address the workforce needs of tomorrow empowering you to build a better culture with improved productivity.

"Annum has a tiger by the tail! This is the most comprehensive solution to workforce housing that I've seen."

Katie Brooks

CEO, Bend Chamber of Commerce