A local touch.

We serve all communities, big and small. Our goal is to provide equitable and below-market homes with local cost of living reducing relationships for employers to provide to their employees.

While currently serving communities in Montana, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.
Being part of the Annum platform reduces housing costs and, equally important, the overall cost of living. Allowing your employees to truly root and engage in
your community.
Annum partners with gyms, cleaners, handymen, restaurants, etc. to provide discounted services for you and your employees.

Annum is top rated by its users and packed with features.

We've taken a network approach to housing. Creating solutions to support our corporate partners' growth.

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got the answers

What's the difference between Annum and a property manager?


Network Level
Structure partcipant


Asset Level
Structure agnostic
Maximize return
Industry focused
Management company

What happens if there is a severance in employment?

Annum housing is a component of employment. Should there be separation, the employee's are given a grace period before housing rent changes.

Is the benefit structure similar to healthcare benefits?

Yes! Consider the monthly living fee the same as your healthcare insurance premium. You as the employer have the ability to choose how the fee (premium) is divided amongst the employees and employer, if at all.

Does employer need to pay for housing? 

No. The ultimate benefit is the fact that by using Annum, the "living fee" (rent) is below market value. As the employer you have full control if you want to contribute to your employers living fee or not.

If we were to contribute to the living fee, how is this determined? 

Although Annum's analysis we are able to help you determine the benefit levels

How does an employer handle the 'Have & Have not' situation?

Through the Annum network, we can provide financing mechanisms, market placement, and transitional services to address as much of your workforce as you would like.


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